FaQ by Sages Properties

 1.  Understanding your moving costs is simply the beginning of your successful journey in purchasing Your first Properties. 

     Legal fees, bank expenses, removals and Sages Agency fees – 

     Complete process can take between 6 weeks – 8 months.

2 Finding the right Lenders to match your goal

   Sages Properties has recommended financial partners but not subject in using any of their services.

3 Start searching for the right properties.

Sages’ properties have truly made life easy. We continue to work with developers, private auction houses, Private sellers to help you find the right properties for you.

4 Organising Viewing.

Once we find or you have choosing the suggestive properties, We simply arrange viewing that suit your time via Online Or physical viewing 

 5 Make an offer

We would help your negotiation between the current owner 

It’s time to make an offer. Don’t be perturbed if your first offer isn’t accepted – remember both you and the seller are negotiating for the best price.

Sale agreed.
When the seller’s estate agent has the details of both parties’ Conveyancing solicitors, they will confirm that the sale is agreed, subject to contract. You will receive a Memorandum of Sale to confirm this.

Find A Conveyancing Solicitor.
Sages properties can introduce you to a solicitor and offers a no sale no fee conveyancing service with a guaranteed fixed to keep everything easy.

Mortgage Application.

You will need your last three months’ payslips. passport or driving license (to prove your identity) bank statements of your current account for the last three to six month. statement of two to three years’ accounts from an accountant if self-employed.

Mortgage valuation.

The valuation also tells the lender if there are any features or significant defects that could affect the property’s value. After all, the lender is lending money against this property, so they have to be sure it’s the right type of property – and at the right value.

10 Conveyancing process.
Once you’ve had an offer accepted, It’s time for your conveyancing solicitor to take over and deal with all the legal documentation, etc title deeds, Seller’s solicitor drafts contract, details of the property, boundaries, or disputes. Also will perform Land Registry and Local Authority, planning history and any developments, drainage etc

11 Mortgage confirmed.
Once you have your mortgage confirmation time for exchange 

12 Get insured.
Sages Properties has recommended the Insurance Services department who offer a range of competitive products from a panel of insurers. 

13 Sign the contract.
Your solicitor will advise you when it’s time to sign.

14 Moving dates.
Your conveyancing solicitor and the seller’s solicitor will agree a date for the exchange of contracts and for completion.

15 Exchange of contracts.
Your deposit will be sent to the seller’s solicitor, along with the signed contract. You are now legally bound to the purchase. All relevant insurance contracts should now be put into force.

16 Completion.
Your conveyancing solicitor will pay the balance of the purchase price to the seller’s solicitor. Once the money is received, the seller’s solicitor will inform Sages Properties and the keys will be released. 

Sages Properties can represent you and take on the responsibility for your best interest. Our agent can meet with you at the property you’re intending to sell. We work on the premise of no sale no fees.
Our agent can assist you perceive your listing agreement, together with the length of time your home will be listed and therefore the commission you’ll pay in the United Kingdom for the services. Typically around 2%


We will assist you with a true valuation of your home. We have over twenty five years of combined expertise and avoid the most common mistake most sellers make by overpricing their home. We will assist you through a comparative market report.

Getting Your Home prepared for viewing

Prepare your home by clearing all the spare and decluttering it and up curb attractiveness. You would possibly need to contemplate hiring skilled cleaners. We might conjointly offer you suggestions on the way to prepare your furnishings sets for viewing to potential buyers.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

It is a legal requirement for properties in Europe.
An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a report that assesses the energy efficiency of a property and recommends specific ways in which the efficiency of your property could be improved. If you do not have a copy of an EPC for your property, you may be able to access a copy online, if one already exists.. Sages Properties will organise this for you.

Market Your Home

Sages properties agent can assist you establish the selling points of your home and select the simplest advertising words to convey them. Our promoting campaign team is obsessed on properties and that we have professionals to require quality images.
Online is that the only thanks to market your property and that we have perfect each Platform advertising and Social media advertising. we tend to even have an enormous information of investors. Email promoting and occupation people who area unit looking forward to succeeding deal.

Showing Your Home

Our agents work seven days a week thus you don’t have to be compelled to stress regarding appropriate time. we work around your time.
We even have a weekly event referred to as party, where we invite all potential buyers on the weekend. We’ve found this ancient technique still works.
Offers and discuss
You will be notified of offers by email and by phone. take into thought the quantity you’re being offered, the money position of the buyers, their chain if they’re selling another property, and your own timescales.

Sages properties works with main street lenders & personal lenders to help you get the simplest deal

Following points

Comparable properties that have sold recently.
Age and condition of your home
Location, views and different extra options
Size of your property
Structure or extensions

Home Inspection & Contact Conveyancing Solicitor

Conveyancing solicitors take care of all of your legal property documentations together with the title. Sages properties would offer you an inventory of suggested Conveyancing solicitors.
Your suggested transference solicitor can perform federal agency search, this together with the subsequent
Right of approach,
Planning permission or constraints
Property boundary
Mortgage offers
Plan a completion date
Post Completion
Sales agreement

Sales Agreed

Congratulations on selling your property in the UK. Sages properties will assist you and provide all relevant information to make your life easy and effortless.

Search for an apartment to rent

Setting your budget, we suggest 30% income rule.

Sages properties have teamed up with some of the biggest private landlord & well-established estate agent to make your property search easy, you can simply click on our properties tab to find the right properties for you.

Doing Viewing

We always recommend you book viewing and not to rely on pictures alone to make an offer. You can contact our agents, Agents are associated with each property.

Watch out For scams

We would not ask you to make an offer without actually viewing the property or virtually if you are outside UK, We would not send you an email using a Gmail address

Submitting an offer & Holding deposit.

If you like the apartment after viewing, We would ask you to send an offer letter, by sending an offer letter we would ask you to pay holding deposit which is usually 1 week rent which would be added to your full deposit if you are accepted.

Getting accepted

Upon acceptance by the landlord, our Moving in partner ( Just Move In) will send you a text to set up your home service , from council tax, to water bill change over, broadband and even to arrange van for you.


This includes credit check plus referencing from your bank, previous landlord and employer. if you can’t provide these then sometimes our landlord will ask for relative home owner as a guarantor.

Right to Rent

The government now forces all landlord and estate agents to check that each tenant are over 18 years old and has the right to rent in the UK before moving in.


You will have to pay the rest of the deposit, usually 5 weeks deposit, however since you have paid holding deposit, you just have to pay the rest which is 4 weeks, and this will go into government back scheme.

Tenancy Agreement

We would the draw up tenancy agreement between the landlord and yourself. The most common is the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST). We do not charge anything for AST

Inventory Check

Before moving in we would arrange an inventory clerk to record and take pictures of the apartment before you move in, etc paint work, carpet, furniture etc

Moving In

Congratulation you have successfully moved in your new home, Don’t forget to review us on google or Facebook

We have years of experience in negotiation and deliver world-class service to both vendors and applicants

Sages Properties has an immense information base of financial specialists who are prepared for the following buy and we deal with the entire deals measure.

We are competitive in the marketplace 7%

Selling a property can be an eager energizing ride, We are here to make it simpler and to diminish the sentiments of nervousness when selling your property.

Vendors depend on our ability in selling their properties, we are straightforward from the very beginning

If your goal is to buy a home for it’s resale value and the one you are thinking of buying in the older neighborhood is at the upper end of values for that neighborhood, then it may not be the wisest choice. If it is similar or lower in price to the others, then there should be no problem, because pricing should be considered in relation to the local neighborhood and not compared to homes in other neighborhoods (for the most part)

Plus, is it a neighborhood on the decline, or are others going to be fixing things up, too, so that it is a neighborhood that is improving? It could turn out to be a very good deal as long as you don’t “overpay” because of the recent improvements.

Remember that you also buy a home for it’s value to you as a “home,” and that is something else you should consider. Which neighborhood would you AND your family feel most comfortable in?